Special Rides

The teams of Red/Brenda, Mickey/Mary, and Mike/Pam have put together a ride/trip for you.

The Ride/Trip is called

Exploring Louisiana Hwy LA 1

The Ride/Trip

The ride is a THREE day adventure that starts at the southernmost point of LA 1 in Grand Isle and ends at the northern most point of LA 1, the Louisiana/Arkansas border just north of Sandra, Louisiana.

The ride will start on a Friday morning and end Sunday afternoon.  (See dates below)  The best part of this ride is you can pick what day or days you choose to ride with us.  We hope you can ride all three days.  About 75% of the ride will take place on LA 1, but there will be some exploring of roads that are adjacent to LA 1.  We will have suggestions of places to stop or visit, parks where you can have a picnic lunch, and a surprise or two.  

We will ride in small groups leaving out in the morning then gathering at a suggested motel for the

night.  I am sure there will be some card playing and Mexican train for entertainment.




Weather is what is most important on a ride/trip like this.  To give us a better chance of having good weather, we have decided to schedule the weekend of March 16, 17, and 18 (2018) for our target date.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will re schedule for the following weekend of March 23, 24, and 25.  Two weeks of bad weather and the ride/trip is canceled.


Details of ride


Mickey and I have not worked out the exact route or the towns/motels we will be staying in.  We

should have this completed by the business meeting on January 13 in Lafayette.


Your job as Chapter Directors

1.      Let you members know about the ride now, donít wait till after the business meeting

2.       Explain the ride.  Routes will be furnished. 

                                The rider can ride whatever number of days they wish.

3.      Give out the dates so the members can save the dates.  Explain the backup dates.

4.      Talk about the ride at every meeting and put in newsletter.



Mike Jastram

Call me if you have any questions 225-964-3999