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Helping You Prepare for Your
International Couple of the Year Experience

Congratulations on being named District Couple of the Year! You’re halfway there—only one more step to take. You’ve conquered your fears as you presented on stage in front of your friends and peers. You’ve carefully created your resume and experienced your first COY interview with the judges. Believe it or not…..that’s about as hard as it gets!
We know you have questions about the next step ahead. Maybe you’re worried about some of the things expected of you? Are your worries holding you back? There are lots of rumors out there that may be a bit concerning to you. Well, we are here to take away some of the mystery so you can make an informed decision about participating in the International Couple of the Year Selection Pro-cess!

• Remember that ALL levels, this is meant to be a FUN and REWARDING experience. It is your opportunity to grow and become an ambassador for GWRRA. And the new friendships that will come your way will become one of your greatest treasures in life.

• Are you expected to travel to numerous other District rallies and events at significant cost of time and money? Absolutely not! There is no requirement for you to travel at all UNLESS it is something that you want to do yourself. Attending these events is a FUN and EXCITING thing to do! That is one of the best parts of GWRRA. But this is YOUR decision to make and is not a factor that you are judged on in the ICOY Selection Process.

• Are you expected to volunteer at Chapter and District events? The short answer is YES. That is the main reason you were selected as a Couple of the Year. Your leadership and volunteerism made you stand out and the Couple of the Year Program was created to celebrate and honor our leaders at all levels. Up to six points will be awarded based on your volunteer activities at any Chapter, District or National rallies or events, wherever they may be. Attendance only does not give you points.

• Are you expected to attend Wing Ding? If you are one of the successful couples who are select-ed as one of the six International Couples of the Year, then you are required to attend Wing Ding and proudly represent your COY Territory. Our members will want to meet and congratulate you personally at the following Wing Ding. This is a HUGE accomplishment and we want to show you off to our members!

• We LOVE our Couples! You are the cornerstone of GWRRA and you represent the values we hold dear. Your enthusiasm, dedication and volunteerism makes you role models. We hope to see you move forward to the International Selection Process next year! GOOD LUCK to all our 2018 District Couples of the Year!

Riding On A Wing And A Prayer

Fritz & Johnette Beter

Louisiana District MECs